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Buransh Juice

Buransh Juice
Buransh Juice
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Buransh Juice

Buransh: The delicious and intoxicating rhododendron juice of Uttarakhand Found only ataltitudes ranging approximately from 1,200m-2300m

Uttarakhand gave burans the status of its state flower. It's amazing how a flower that cures headaches, stomach ailments and as per recent research heart ailments too, can also be intoxicating and harmful, when consumed in excess.

Health benefits of burans Burans leaves and flowers have been put to various medicinal purposes traditionally. Latest research has evaluated anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, heart and liver protective property of burans flower. These and otherhealth benefits of burans flower is listed below:

Burans as anti-inflammatory Various Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines have used burans flowers and leaves for treating body inflammation and treat gout, rheumatism, bronchitis andarthritis. Lab studies with Rhododendron arboreum showed significant anti-inflammatory properties.

Burans as an antioxidant Various phytochemcials have been isolated from Burans leaves and flower which have high antioxidant properties. They exhibit beneficial property in getting rid of harmful free radicals in body. Burans flower juice is thus a great antioxidant drink for your heart, liver, kidney and skins. Lab studies confirm antioxidant properties of Burans flower and leaf extract and suggest its utilization in therapeutics.

Burans good for diabetes Local people from Nepal have been using burans flower for treating diabetes. Latest studies have confirmed anti-diabetic potential of burans flower and suggested its uses as functional food in treating type I and type II diabetes. Methanol extract of burans flower have showed in-vitro anti-diabetic activity suggesting its potential in development of new medicines for diabetes. Animal studies with burans flower extract showed reduced blood sugarand cholesterol levels in rats. This property can be attributed to presence of compound hyperin with antioxidant property and ability to inhibit action of certain glucose enzymes.

Burans flower juice good for heart You would find locals saying how burans flower juice is good for heart. It helps in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Various phytochemicals in burans flower juice offer antioxidant property and protect heart from oxidative stress and reduces risk of stroke and other heart disorders. Quercetin and rutin are two flavonoid found in burans flower juice which have established its benefits for heart. Quercetin supplementation is prescribed in treating hypertension, atherosclerosis and other heart disorders, while rutin helps in preventing blood clots which pose risk of heart attacks. Drinking burans flower juice is therefore good for heart and circulatory system.

Burans flower juice to protect liver  Burans flower have been used in Ayurvedic medicinal forms to reduce cholesterol and as liver tonic. Animal studies with rats showed that alcoholic extract of burans flower and leaves was helpful in preventing liver damage by carbon tetracholoride intoxication. Studies thus confirm the traditional hepatoprotective potential of burans flower. 

Burans and prevention of cancer  Key phtochemicals have been isolated from burans flower which independently have established their ability in preventing cancer. Quercetin and Rutin present in burans flower inhibits growth of cancer cells and reduces risk of cancer. Together with other phytochemcials they offer antioxidant properties which prevents damage of body cells leading to mutation and development of cancer.


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